Items to Donate to Charity Shops

Hello lovelies!

Red Nose Day is celebrated this month. It is a day where people across the country join forces to raise money for brilliant causes in the UK and internationally. This event is hosted by Comic Relief, a major UK charity, with a vision to free the world of poverty.

The purpose of this post is to share ideas of things that you can donate to charity thrift shops. So, when you are in the midst of your spring cleaning and find some treasures that haven’t been touched in a while, instead of throwing them out, donate them to a charity shop near you.

*Please note that many forms of tangible donations are appreciated, these are just my personal recommendations.


Clothing is the most popular charitable contribution as it is a great way to get rid of the extra clutter in your home and give back to the community. According to research conducted by WRAP in summer 2017, an estimated 300,000 tonnes of clothing is thrown away from UK households every year and end up in landfills. By donating your clothes, you can help reduce the amount that goes to landfills, reduce greenhouse gases, and have an impact on making fashion more sustainable.

Donating unwanted garments allows your clothes to be loved all over again and be a part of someone’s new memories. Not to mention, you’ll feel better about yourself knowing that you’re actively helping someone less fortunate than you. This is a very quick and easy act of kindness.

Depending on your chosen charity, they can accept a selected range of clothing items, this includes: athletics wear, casual wear, formal wear, hats, sleepwear, baby grows, etc. However, I still recommend double-checking the variety of clothes that your charity is willing to receive.

Note: DO NOT donate clothes that are soiled, torn, or otherwise unsuitable textiles.


Spread the joy of reading by donating books that you haven’t touched in a while and are just laying around your bedroom or living room. Give your books a new home and help your favourite stories to live on, whether it is children’s books, young adult, autobiographies, non-fiction, etc. Reading helps broaden our interests and opens our minds to new places, people, and ideas.

This generous action will make you feel good because others will get the same enjoyment out of them. Also, it encourages second-hand selling which is very environmentally-friendly as you’re saving paper and ceasing beautiful stories from ending up in a landfill.

After you’ve made your donation, your home and bookshelf will be slightly bare, allowing you to re-organise and re-stock with new and exciting books!

Note: REFRAIN from donating books with water damage. SAVE yourself some time by calling ahead to find out what specific books they would be willing to accept.


Have you got an old pair of shoes that you’ve now outgrown? From boots to trainers to wellies to dress shoes, try to contribute to the shoe range available at your chosen charity. This will benefit many people, especially during the colder months. With that said, another kind of donation that matches this item is socks. Socks are a small thought but can make a huge difference in terms of comfort and warmth.

Homeless people walking barefoot in the streets have an increased chance of contracting an illness and sometimes parents cannot afford to buy new shoes for their son or daughter because they are on a tight budget at the moment. This can be upsetting for them as children tend to grow quickly and need shoes in various sizes throughout their childhood such as school shoes and plimsolls. Therefore, finding affordable shoes in a charity thrift shop could bring these people some happiness.

Note: DO NOT donate shoes that have soles, are ripped, or have unpleasant odours.


Are your kitchen cupboards and drawers overflowing with crockery? If you don’t have a use for some of them anymore, do not discard them. Those classified as ‘kitchenware’ include plates, bowls, pots and pans, utensils, glasses, cups, etc. Everyone wants a fully-stocked kitchen, however, it can be an expensive feat when money is tight, and offering them second-hand will be easier on the wallets.

Depending on the material which your kitchenware is made from can provide specific health and cooking benefits to the beneficiary. For example, wooden utensils are hygienic with naturally present antibacterial properties making it near impossible for bacteria to survive. Stainless steel kitchenware is highly durable and corrosion-resistant meaning that it can be passed to others to last for an additional couple of years and food created using this material will not get contaminated or stick to the surface while cooking.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your kitchen and dining area, this is a resourceful way of getting rid off of your old dishes.

Note: DO NOT donate kitchenware that are damaged with bad cracks, chips, or stains.

Thank you for reading! I hope you found this article inspiring to donate unused items in your homes πŸ’•

It is a win-win situation because it’s a way to support your chosen charities as well as declutter your home. If you have any other recommendations to give to a charity thrift shop, please feel free to share and leave a comment below! 

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18 thoughts on “Items to Donate to Charity Shops

  1. I love these ideas, and the cause! Great post, Genevieve!

    Giving back in this way is such a glorious and fulfilling undertaking, and not to mention, spreads positivity and love! Something so simple as a new shirt and pair of shoes could be all someone needs to turn things around. They enriching knowledge contained in some books is something that can never be taken away, and if we’re not using or reading them, it’s best to pass them along and spread the message.πŸ’™πŸ‘

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reading and your comment, Jesse πŸ’• I’m happy that you liked it!

      Yes, I agree with you completely that giving back is a fulfilling undertaking πŸ€— It is important to consider others and donate where possible, something that may not be any use to you anymore could mean so much to someone else. I’m saving some of my books and clothes that I haven’t used in months to give to charity shops, hopefully they will enjoyed by more people 🀞 Thank you again, your message brought a smile to my face 😘 Stay safe and keep spreading love and positivity!


  2. This is a great and timely post. I hope the day goes successfully. The USA had been co-participating for a few years, but I haven’t heard anything lately. Recently, I had to bring home books from two kinds of offices I had. There are seventy-some boxes of books I’d like to go to other homes. The UK is welcome to them! I hope you are really well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reading this post and for your kind comment β™₯ I hope you are well too πŸ€— Oh that’s wonderful to hear about the USA and that you have many books at home. Whoever receives them will be incredibly lucky to be taken on new adventures 😍


  3. Nice post! πŸ™‚ It is such a good idea to donate things you don’t want or need any more. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. I’ve got quite a bit of stuff gathering stuff in the basement now that I think about it…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reading! I’m happy that you liked this post πŸ€— Yes, I wholly support donating items that people no longer use to others who would enjoy them all over again πŸ’• Wow! I hope you find your belongings new homes where they will continue to be treated well 🀞


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