At-Home Self Care ideas (Part 2)

Wishing you all a prosperous year ahead with many blessings and new adventures! 🤩

“Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It is sanity.”

Katrina Mayer

I am excited to commemorate the new year with the second instalment of at-home self care ideas. You can easily slide any of these practices into your daily routine to increase motivation or release some tension.

Let’s fill 2022 with moments of positivity, self-love, and mindfulness 💗✨

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Self-Care Ideas to Practice At Home

1. Do a brain dump

Is your mind cluttered with impending tasks? Clear your head and take a few minutes to write them down (no matter how big or small), i.e. create your grocery list, find a present for your friend’s birthday, pay off your credit card, etc. Seeing your chores in a tangible list will provide a little extra encouragement and gives a sense of accomplishment as you tick them off.

2. Take your lunch break

Remember that you are entitled to a lunch break, even when you’re working from home! Avoid replying to messages and participating in meetings. Instead, use the time to indulge in an activity that will raise your spirit and improve your well-being, such as going for a walk or listening to a podcast. It will refresh your mind and enhance productivity once you’re back at work.

3. Discover your love language

Identify your dominant love language and get a better understanding of how you like to give and receive love. Doing so will deepen your relationship and communication with yourself and your loved ones.

Love Nudge provides a fun test which shows how you value the five different love languages.

4. Try a healthy new dish

Make your taste buds dance by trying new food! It could be as simple as using alternative ingredients in your cooking here and there or creating a completely different dish. There are plenty of online and easy-to-follow recipes or you could ask your family or friends for inspiration.

5. Update a corner of your home

Our surroundings have a great impact on our mood and motivation, especially when we are spending hours in the same space. Choose a corner or section in your home that needs a little updating, like your bookshelf, closet, or even, your work desk. This could be organising or adding accessories to the area. Doing this gradually could result in upgrading your home, bit by bit.

Thank you for reading my second instalment of five simple self-care ideas to do at home!

Stay tuned for the final addition to this series to learn more self-love tips 🤗 If any has piqued your interest or you would like to share how you unwind at home, please feel free to leave a comment below! ❤

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