12 Free Things to do on a No-Spend Weekend

In this article, we will explore how to enjoy a no-spend weekend and provide you with practical and engaging ideas to make the most of your time off. If you’re looking to save money or stick to a tight budget, you don’t have to lock yourself in a room. Contrary to popular belief, you can still have a fantastic weekend without using a credit card. 

What is a No-Spend Weekend?

A no-spend weekend is a budgeting and money-saving strategy. You still pay for the necessities like groceries but try to keep additional outgoings to a minimum. This means no eating out or extravagant activities – just simple, frugal entertainment.

12 Free Things to Do on a No-Spend Weekend

Of course, you’d want to have fun on your days off after a week of hard work. Here are 12 free things to do on a no-spend weekend that don’t include you breaking the bank.

1. Learn a New Skill

Nowadays, you are no longer restricted to gaining new expertise just face-to-face. You can learn many creative skills from the internet, such as drawing, knitting, and cooking. Alternatively, you can pick up a money-saving skill like changing a tire or fixing a toilet. There is a mixture of online articles, videos, and courses to assist you. Best of all, most are accessible for free. 

2. Play Games

Why not dig out some old board games or a deck of cards and challenge your partner or family to a few rounds? In addition to being a great social activity, playing games triggers the release of endorphins, i.e. happy hormones, leaving you feeling cheerful and comfortable.

Or, instead, there are solo games such as jigsaw puzzles and sudoku. My personal favourites are word puzzles, especially Word of Wonder, which I play on my phone when commuting.

3. Donate your Old Items

This benefits yourself and others as you can declutter your house and recycle old clothing, books, and dishes to charity shops that can find them a second home. 

However, please note that all donated belongings must still be reusable and in good condition. 

4. Reorganise Your Home

Is there a section of your home which has been neglected? Spend your weekend making changes to an area so you feel happier when you next approach it. This could be your living room, work desk, wardrobe, etc. 

Updating your home for free includes rearranging furniture, changing pillows and blankets, and moving artwork or other decor. Soon, you’ll find that the previously-neglected area will feel reinvigorated with its new layout.

5. Plan Your Next Vacation

Take some time to sit down and plan your next big vacation. Check out the different sights or places you want to visit and possible accommodations and determine how much it will cost. Moreover, you could start planning how to save for your future trip.

One helpful method to fund your upcoming holiday is to apply for a travel credit card. Rewards range from flexible travel and hotel loyalty points to airline miles and airport lounge access.

6. Exercise

Set aside one hour of your weekend to elevate your physical and mental health by exercising. Despite popular belief, you can work out successfully without signing up for a pricey gym membership or buying any equipment.

YouTube is a wonderful asset for finding millions of free workout videos like yoga, cardio, and more tailored to your fitness level and end goal, i.e. increase flexibility and muscle strength, or even weight loss. 

Alternatively, head outside for fresh air if you want to avoid being stuck indoors – especially during the summer months. Take in your local scenery with a brisk stroll or bike ride.

7. Review Your Finances

If you live paycheck to paycheck, it may be an excellent time to review your accounts. By doing so, you can identify and address unused subscriptions, fraudulent activities, or higher charges. 

Keep an eye on any companies that have sneakily increased their service prices. This allows you to negotiate better rates or lower costs with other providers. With a clearer understanding of where your money is going, you can allocate funds more appropriately and avoid overspending.

8. Set Goals

Define meaningful goals in various aspects of your life, such as finances, personal development, or career advancement. Setting clear objectives with deadlines or milestones can bring a sense of fulfilment and be a powerful motivator for self-awareness and improvement.

9. Watch a TED talk

Take a break from binge-watching films and TV shows (except for Ted Lasso – what a brilliant program!), and check out a TED talk. They are easily digestible, lasting up to 10 to 20 minutes.

Often featuring inspiring speakers from all over the globe, you can pick from a range of topics which will, in the end, leave you feeling more empowered, confident, creative, or curious for further information. Another benefit is that it presents learning opportunities through engaging and thought-provoking presentations. 

10. Attend Free Events

Use the Eventbrite app to find free events near you (sometimes schools, churches, and libraries host free events like art shows and lectures) or online. It is an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and socialise. Create an account to receive special offers and personalised event recommendations.

11. Dedicate Time to Your Passion

Our passions often reflect a core part of our identity, and by pursuing it, you nurture that part of yourself and reinforce your sense of distinction and self-expression. Furthermore, it provides opportunities for learning, skill-building, and self-discovery. 

12. Earn Some Extra Cash

Lastly, use your no-spend weekend as an opportunity to explore avenues for making some additional income. Sign up for websites that offer paid online surveys or leverage your skills to create and sell homemade products like greeting cards, crocheted items, or artwork. You can also provide your services as a babysitter, pet sitter, or dog walker in your community.

Contrary to common misconceptions, having a no-spend weekend doesn’t mean sacrificing fun and productivity. By incorporating these cost-free activities into your downtime, you can enjoy fulfilling experiences while sticking to your budget. 

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