She bounced on her heels impatiently and tightly clutched a fluffy teddy bear against her chest, her heart pounded harder in her chest as she scanned the men that walked through the double doors of the Arrivals terminal.

She’s been waiting for this day for the better part of seven months and didn’t want it to last a minute longer, they had exchanged handwritten letters and video chatted every day, but it couldn’t replace the need for a human’s touch.

A familiar face came into view causing her breath to hitch in her throat, she watched as he craned his neck to look over the crowd and when his blue eyes finally landed on her, a watery smile stretched across her lips to meet his exuberant and enchanting grin.

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13 thoughts on “Reunited

  1. The weathered cat sat in the window, gazing inside, unflinching like a statue with it’s eyes squinting intently, piercing the glass with the hot rays of the sunlight.

    It’s presence seems to reach out beyond the panes and crawl into your mind as the fear takes over your body and it nestles inside your brain, in a cozy familiar plot of memories.

    For days now, you meet the apparition in your living room every early morning in this way, as it sits patiently still, yet clawing fiercely at the fabric of your emotions, forcing you to recall the bond once shared in your past life; you can’t help but say aloud, “Welcome Home”.


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