Best Desk Accessories

Our desks are a perfect reflection of our personality and how we function at work.

For example, you walk past a desk at the end of the day with several empty coffee mugs, loose post-it notes, a stress ball, and a framed photo of their family. What does this image depict about the person?

It is crucial to style your desk with the right adornments to raise your productivity and ensure maximum efficiency. Here are my top seven recommended desk accessories for working from home and in the office.

Desk Tidy

This unique hexagon desk tidy consists of three interlocking blocks, which can be re-arranged to your choosing. The compartments help prevent clutter from building and keeps loose items like paperclips, coins, and your keys in a secure location. There is even a groove to hold your mobile phone upright. Any of the pieces can also be turned over and used as a handy coaster.

Headphone Holder

The Headset Display Rack has an ergonomics design which makes it long-lasting and easy to install and detach, so you can transfer it effortlessly from your desk at home to your office. It is compatible with headsets of different shapes and sizes and keeps them in a safe place when you are not listening to music or a podcast. Furthermore, it has received many compliments from existing customers.

Weekly Planner Pad

Organise your week and stay on top of daily tasks with this elegant monochrome weekly desk pad. There are 50 undated sheets, meaning one pad can last almost a year, and you can stop and start anytime you like without wasting any paper. This A4-size daily planner features a habits tracker and notes section to push you into achieving your goals.

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Decorate and add a touch of colour to your workspace with a mini desk plant. According to numerous scientific studies, their research has shown that having plants in your work area provides many health benefits such as reducing stress levels, absorbing carbon monoxide (cleaner air) and preventing sickness, and boosting creativity. Do some investigation for your next desired office plant as a few of them even promote good luck and wealth. Who doesn’t want that manifestation?

Note: Link is for a Hoya Heart which is a novelty heart-shaped succulent. It requires nothing but a little drink of water every now and again.

Laptop Stand

Simply put, just working two hours a day in an uncomfortable working position can lead to unfortunate health issues like muscle strain and pain in our upper back and neck. Therefore, an adjustable laptop stand should be an essential tool for your desk setup. This would allow you to work more productively for longer periods.

Rotary Pen Holder

No desk is complete without a sophisticated pen holder to hold your treasured pens and other thin and sleek stationery items i.e. pencils, scissors, and rulers. It should have sufficient space to hold everything that would usually be left idly on the table. Pen holders come in various shapes and designs, but my personal preference is to have them rotate.

Stress Ball

People can get stressed at work for a number of reasons, such as the long hours, heavy workload, job insecurity, and conflicts with colleagues. This can lead to a drop in work performance, depression, and anxiety. Having a stress ball relieves the negative impacts on your motivation as well as helps to refocus your mind.

Wireless Charger

A wireless charger is the safer option for powering your phone as it lowers the risk of electrical fault and wears and tear on the cable and the phone’s charging port. This item has 15W of power and LED indicators to show the charging status of your device. Included with this item is a 1-metre USB-C to Micro USB cable for convenience. Lastly, it is compatible with Qi-enabled devices (usually in devices made after 2017).

Thank you for the reading! If you’re like me and spend many hours per day sitting in front of a desk, it is useful to have an appealing and attractive workspace ❀ What desk accessories do you have which helps you get through the workday? If you have more recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment below! ✨

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18 thoughts on “Best Desk Accessories

  1. My desk accessories consist of a pair of harmon kardon 2 inch speakers, a small lamp, and a scattered pile of “important” papers 2 years deep.

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    • Hi! 😊 Thank you for reading this post and sharing what you have on your desk. Your desk sounds interesting – I’ve always wanted a lamp! That such a good idea ✨ I’ve not heard of Harman Kardon 2-inch Speakers but upon research, they look fantastic. All papers are important, it’s hard to dispose of them πŸ˜‚ Have a blessed day!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Genevieve; this appeals to a person like me who also spends a great deal of time at my desk and have learned the best ways for me to interact. Would you mind sharing an image of your desk (if it’s not too vulnerable)? Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi R. H. (Rusty) Foerger! Thank you so much for reading πŸ€— I’m happy to hear that this post appeals to you! πŸ’— It would be a pleasure to show you my desk, I will update this post with a picture. I hope you are having a lovely start to your week and approve of the picture when it is uploaded aha! πŸ˜‚πŸ’•

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  3. I love keeping my desk organised, and everything I need is on hand. That desk tidy is very creative; I love how it is like a jigsaw puzzle.

    My partner needs a headphone holder, as he is always misplacing his pair of headphones. I love a good visual weekly planner, as you can see everything you have planned immediately. I think I might need to invest in a foldable laptop stand, as that would be so useful.

    I love the inclusion of a stress ball, as they do come in handy, and for me, they keep me focused. Thank you for sharing this list! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi lovely! πŸ’— I love keeping my desk tidy and organised too, it calls out to me more to sit down and work. You are right that the desk tidy is like a jigsaw puzzle – such an accurate description of it πŸ˜„

      I hope your partner finds a headphone holder useful for storing his headphones 🀞 Weekly planners are incredibly helpful as, like you mentioned, everything required for the day and week can be seen. I do not have a foldable laptop stand at home, but in the office, I have a laptop stand which relieves strain on my neck, shoulders and upper back. I adore stress balls – they come in such fun patterns and sizes.

      Thank you for reading this post and for your comment πŸ€— it truly means a lot! My apologies for my delayed response. I hope everything is well with you and September is treating you kindly πŸ’•

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  4. Nice post! I already have the stress ball but what I need urgently is a keyboard protector. My laptop keyboard is destroyed and am struggling with an on screen keyboard.

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    • Thank you Sharda! πŸ€—πŸ’— Sometimes I don’t even realise that my hand is reaching for my stress ball until a few seconds later when I’m squeezing it πŸ˜‚ Keyboard protectors are useful and come in a variety of styles and colours, so I think there is always something for everybody. I hope you find the perfect keyboard protector soon (and have less struggle with the on-screen version in the future) 🀞🀩✨


  5. This is so well written and Very well said they indeed are a reflection of our personality! An organised system can help save a lot of your time and energy! Btw I subscribed you way long back, idk if something is wrong with my account, I have no idea… I hope you don’t mind!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! πŸ’• Thank you for reading this post and for your kind comment, it means a lot 😊 I’m so happy that you like it and agree with you that an organised system is beneficial to our time and energy πŸ™ Thank you for subscribing to me, I am incredibly honoured. I also subscribed to you too a long time ago – you are one of my favourite blogs on this platform! ✨ I hope you are well and have a lovely week ahead. Thank you again! πŸ’

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