(The 1st two sentences comes from a prompt on Penguin Random House ‘The Writers Academy’, it was submitted by Rhiannon D’Averc from United Kingdom. Thank you for the inspiration!)

At first, she thought nothing had happened at all. Then she looked down and saw the blood, and screamed.

The sight almost causes her to drop the knife in her hand.

“Please…” a thin string of saliva dribbles from the corner of his mouth to his cheek. The blood gashing out from the deep wound on his stomach quickly grows and soaks his shirt. She can no longer tell it was originally yellow.

Her scream gets caught in her throat. Her knees quiver. She desperately wants to bend down and put pressure on the wound.

His stormy grey eyes look up at her, begging. He weakly lifts his arm up and stretches out to her. The gold band on his fourth finger catches her attention. It is now coated in blood.

“Finish him.” A harsh voice causes her to look up from the red mess at her feet. Five steps in front of her stands another man. His gun is now directed at her.

Watery brown meet cruel blue.

“Unless you want me to do it,” he teases.

“Run…” A faint sob comes from the man at her feet.

She hears the gun clock.

Her knuckles turns white as the grip on her knife tightens.

“What’s it gonna be?”

She hesitantly eyes the now barely conscious man, his breathing has slowed down immensely. She then stares back up at the gun pointed at her chest.

Hot tears run down her cheeks.

The diamond ring and matching gold band on her finger shimmers in the light. It causes the other man to smirk.

He watches the cogs turn beneath her puffy face and raises an eyebrow, challengingly.

Hers narrow ever so slightly. She has made her decision.

He closes his eyes and licks his dry lips in anticipation.

He hears her let out a choked cry.

A pained scream reaches his ears and it sends a delicious cold shiver down his spine. He lets out a slow breath of pleasure, “yes.”


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