Growing up with seven brothers and sisters, Jamie had always known that he wanted to one day have a family of his own.

But sadly, it was not an easy journey. He endured decades of short-lived relationships, a rocky marriage, and infertility issues.

Then six years ago, his dream finally came true when his wife gave birth to their only son.

While it took her a good few months to get comfortable in the new role, he quickly eased into his new responsibilities, grinning through the messy feedings, dirty diapers, and teary tantrums.

As tiring and frustrating as the days were, he continued to treasure the moments where he listened to his son’s non-stop gurgling and loud laughter, and seeing those big, round eyes sparkle every time he approached the cot.

As time went by, Jamie’s pride and love continued to grow with every milestone that his son achieved. But to him, his son’s biggest milestone was the first time he uttered the word, “daddy.”

The day when Jamie and his wife separated was when his whole world came crashing down. It was not the divorce papers in her hand that killed him, but her painful words of revelation.

“You are not his father.”

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