Taking Chances

This was her fifth visit despite it being only the second day of the week.

However she wasn’t coming for another refill. Instead, this time she would either be walking out with a Valentine or empty-handed.

She had been working up the courage all morning to visit and as she approached the counter, she felt her hands begin to sweat at the barista’s beaming face.

Throughout their usual exchanged of pleasant small talk, she couldn’t help but admire the light crinkles beside their eyes, the shaggy style of their brown hair, and the confidence yet tenderness in their voice.

The perfect sight in front of her may probably be the highlight of her day, depending on how the next few seconds go.

A lull fell between them.

Now was the moment.

She parted her lips and let the words come out.

“Erm…Alex, I was wondering, would you like to go out with me on Sunday?” she asked shyly, her fingers crossed by her sides. Her heart raced faster with each passing and unanswered moment.

The female barista’s smile widened and her green eyes sparkled. “Sure. On one condition – let’s go to a different coffee shop.”

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7 thoughts on “Taking Chances

    • There may be a small continuation in the future πŸ˜„ I have an idea brewing and come back to this soon…Thank you for reading this flash fiction, I’m so happy that you enjoyed it 😊❀😘


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