Happy Valentine’s Day

A small body tiptoed towards the open doorway, the brightness in the hallway subtly illuminated into the dark bedroom and he craned his neck until a vague outline of the tired body atop the bed was visible.

He retreated as slowly and quietly as possible then hurried back to his room in excitement, his pair of tiny hands grabbed the daisy chain from his low desk and a card which was messily covered in red glitter and hand-drawn hearts, and “Happy Valentine’s Day” written in silver ink.

Creeping back into the room with gentle footsteps, he manoeuvred past the messy clothes and romance books on the floor and tapped the peacefully dozing woman on her shoulder until she began to stir, and whispered eagerly, “Mummy…Mummy…Happy Valentine’s Day.”

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Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! πŸ’˜ I hope you have a lovely day and celebration wherever you are, with your significant other, family, friends…but most importantly, with yourself 😘


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