Flexible Journal App Review

This independent review will share my personal opinion and give you an in-depth look at the productivity app, Flexible Journal.

After using Flexible Journal every day for the past four months, I believe it has increased my daily motivation and enabled me to reflect and gain a broader understanding of myself and my life in a short amount of time.

About Flexible Journal

Flexible Journal is a multipurpose journal that allows you to create entries through prompts and helps you to track your life, health, hobbies and more. Convenient and fully customisable, it has proven to be beneficial to personal growth and encourages you to focus on getting exactly what you want.

Their prompts are grouped into several different categories including diary, notes, productivity, and reviews. For each category, there are three templates under them, however, you do not need to strictly use or stick to these as you have the freedom to build your own.

You can attach pre-prepared tags to link your prompts by association i.e. Business, Family, Fun, Gratitude etc. In addition, they can be filtered to follow your progress and visit again another day. You can also make your own and add a different colour to distinguish it from the others.

There are two versions to choose from Free and Pro (with three subscription/payment options).

Customisable Prompts

Flexible Journal offers custom guides made up of questions to help direct your writing, so you can create a unique journal for yourself. They are designed to be short and straight to the point so that they will not be intimidating but quick for you to complete. Dates and time are entirely customisable should you miss a day and forget to add an entry.

Examples of different prompts and their purposes:

Diary EntryMakes a great five minute journal where you can quickly and easily jot down your mindfulness and daily chores and achievements. You can also set the next day’s to-do list. Track your daily progress.
Medication LogComplete the form for any medication that you or a loved one are prescribed so all details are available in case of emergencies.
Mood TrackerUse this entry as a therapy log to track your emotional and mental health. Find any correlations by answering the following questions: “How I’m feeling today” and “What would improve my mood”. After writing, there are five emotional faces presented where you select the one closest to how you are feeling.
Book ReviewFound a good book that you want to remember? The form includes questions such as “Book Title”, “Author”, “Book summary”, “Review” and a 5-star rating. The same is available for Video Games and Movies.
Symptom TrackerNote any random or regular symptoms or bursts of pain. This is helpful when you visit the Doctors. Simply fill in “Description of symptoms” and “Medications taken”, rate the pain from 1 to 10, and select the time of day these symptoms occur.
WorkoutPerfect for gym junkies and gym bunnies. Stay consistent with your workout regimes with this template: “Exercise”, “Repetitions”, ‘Sets”, and “Weights used” in pounds (lbs).
Travel LogRecord the interesting sights, experiences and impressions from your favourite holiday destinations. Benefits of this entry are that it will increase your self-awareness and make the idea of travelling more rewarding.

Remember the happy times by attaching pictures to your journal entries – either take a picture or select one from your device gallery.


You can download this diary app for free today.

1-Month6 MonthsIndefinitely

Paid Features

  • Ad-free
  • Customise your theme
  • Protect your journal with a security code
  • Auto-backup your data
  • Save entries as PDF files
  • Schedule automatic exports of entries

Start a 7-day free trial and update to Pro to get a taste of all of these features and cancel at any time with no questions asked.


Download for freeLocking your diary is a purchasable feature
Simple software backgroundLimited colour theme options for the free version
Suitable for all AgesContains ads
Range of prompts in the free version
Prompts are easily filtered

This is my first time using a journaling app and in full honesty, I have not been disappointed. There are plenty of features available with the free version and since using it, Flexible Journal has made me more determined to be more proactive day-to-day so I have several things to include in my entries. 

Flexible Journal has received an outstanding 4.6 rating out of 5 from customers from the Google Play store.

Thank you for reading my Flexible Journal Review! I hope you found it practical ❤ Let me know what you think about this 5 minute journal app or your recommendations in the comment section below.

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14 thoughts on “Flexible Journal App Review

    • Hi Priti! Thank you for reading ♥ I’m thrilled to hear that you liked the information in this review! Would recommend this app for productivity, it has been so helpful. Hope you have a lovely week! 🤗✨


    • This is a really helpful app and I would recommend giving it a whirl 😋 Let me know how you do if you choose to download it! Thank you for taking the time to read my review ♡ All the best!


    • Hiya! 💕 Oh, that makes me so happy to hear! How is it going with the Flexible Journal app? Hope it is helpful for you 🤞 Thank you for the recommendation – I’ve not heard of Dreamfora and will download it now! 🤩 It looks amazing!


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