10 Ways of Showing Gratitude to your Significant Other

While it can be easy to take our other half for granted in our busy lives, it remains important to keep perspective and nurture our romantic relationship. Make showing appreciation to your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse a daily practice.

This guide will share 10 wonderful ways for expressing your endless love.

1. Write a thoughtful message

This is a priceless approach to reminding your partner of your affections. A simple act such as sending a text message on their way to work or writing them a card and leaving it on the bedside table for when they wake up can make their daily efforts worthwhile.

Here are a few lines of sentiment which never fails to bring a smile onto someone’s face:

  • “You have made me a better person.”
  • “Just wanted to say that I’m thinking of you.”
  • “I love you a little bit more every day.”

A few heartfelt sentences can mean so much. And the best part? They will never expect it.

2. Give them a break

Not like Ross’ “We were on a break”, but a few hours of privacy from parental responsibilities or when they’re feeling overworked. Whatever the case, allow them to focus on themselves and enjoy some TLC.

For example, you can surprise them with a massage or prepare a relaxing bubble bath.

Appreciation does not always need to be in the form of words or gifts – this is a considerate way of showing that you’re thinking of them and acknowledge all that they do.

3. Cook a special meal

I think we can all agree that nothing beats a home-cooked meal. Has it been a while since your love has had their favourite supper or is there a recipe that they’ve been dying to try?

The old cliche that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach could not be more true.

  • Wake them with breakfast in bed.
  • Pack a lunch that will get them through the day.
  • Prepare a hot dinner for when they get home.

Alternatively, cooking together can also be a fun activity which he or she might take pleasure in.

4. Give them a gift

Giving is better than receiving, so why not surprise your beau with an unexpected gift? This could be for no other reason than wanting to make them feel valued.

Purchase something that your significant other would like to have but might not be willing to buy for themselves. It could be anything from flowers or a notebook to more extravagant items such as nice clothing or a new gadget. For extra brownie points, attach a note of thanks before you present your gift.

This is the perfect opportunity to splurge a little bit on the man or women you love.

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5. Tell others what your partner does for you

Praise your other half when you’re out of the home too.

Share his/her accomplishments with friends and family and verbalise your gratitude.

Likely, your admiration will somehow come back to your soulmate, and when it does, it’ll make their day knowing that you speak highly of them even when they are not around.

6. Take an interest in their life

We go through many different stages in our life including facing new challenges, discovering other hobbies, reaching new milestones etc.

Be present in your relationship by striking up a conversation about their work and the ups and downs they are facing or partaking in a game or activity that they enjoy.

Express your interest in the events or recreational activities important to them will not only help demonstrate your appreciation, but it will bring you closer too.

7. Plan a date

When was the last time that you took your beloved on a night on the town?

We’ve all been stuck indoors for so long that it’ll be an exciting change for your partner to dress up and/or be wined and dined.

Go and re-visit a place that holds precious memories or somewhere new which guarantees a wonderful experience, for example:

  • Their favourite restaurant or bar.
  • A movie they’re excited to watch.
  • Going on a picturesque nature walk.
  • Their favourite bookstore.

Rare moments spent together should be treasured and unforgettable.

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8. Do one of their chores

When we’ve got a lot on our shoulders, the best thing that anyone can do is relieve a little bit of the stress.

Taking over one of their chores when they have a busier schedule than usual is a thoughtful way of caring for them.

Perhaps you can complete an errand which they do not particularly enjoy doing like washing their car, go grocery shopping, etc? It will be one less thing to think about for the rest of the day and improve their mood.

9. Show affection

Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

Scientifically, as stated by psychologist Chloe Paidoussis-Mitchell, physical affection has been linked to several health benefits, including lower blood pressure for women and reduces daily levels of the stress hormone, Cortisol.

You can express your love through small touches or gestures such as a thankful rub on the back, a proud smile, or gently encasing their hands between yours. Furthermore, it is a reminder of your attraction and intimacy for that person.

10. Say it out loud

In-between our busy paces of work, family, and friends obligations, it leaves little time to nurture our romantic relationship.

An overlooked but feel-good and meaningful phrase that people like to hear which makes every action worth the trouble is “Thank you”. Saying this shows a sign of respect and compassion towards your significant other.

Make it a habit to pay your partner regular compliments. Let them know that you do not take them for granted and make sure to not undermine their efforts.

How do you show gratitude to the special lady or gentleman in your life? 

Go one step further and find out your partner’s love language and centre your act of appreciation around it. 

If any of these ideas have piqued your interest or you have more suggestions, please feel free to let me know and leave a comment below! Thank you for reading! ❀


43 thoughts on “10 Ways of Showing Gratitude to your Significant Other

    • Hi, dear friend πŸ€— Thank you for reading this post. I agree with you that it is more the gesture and the thought that counts when it comes to showing gratitude πŸ’• I greatly appreciate your thoughts and kind words!


  1. Thank you for the reminders of making one’s partner feel special and loved. I try to do this most of the time but particularly today I got mad at him and he knew he was in the dog box πŸ˜” I am reminded to cut him a little slack as he works so hard. Thanks again.

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    • Hi Morag β˜€οΈ Life can get quite hectic so it can help to have a little reminder and take a step back every now and again. I hope all is well and settled with your significant other now and that he is out of the dog box ✨ It is important to keep perspective and appreciate what our loved ones do and vice versa. Thank you so much for reading this post and for sharing your thoughts πŸ’•πŸ€— Have a blessed week, my lovely!


    • A weekend getaway would be glorious indeed πŸ’• Yes I agree that it would be even better if at least one or both are vaccinated. Thank you for reading this post and for your comment, Lorna πŸ€— it means a lot. I hope everything is well with you ✨


    • I’m happy to hear that it was a good reminder, thank you so much for reading πŸ€—πŸ’— I hope you are well and having a great week! I visited your blog and your Crunchy Ranch Taco Salad recipe looks delicious, I look forward to trying it out! πŸ˜‹


    • Hi AmethystAP! πŸ’• Thank you for reading this post and for your comment. I am happy to hear that you like these ideas and find them easy to add to your daily routine 😊 It is nice to have a reminder now and again and I know that it is an area in my life that I could do better too. Hope you are well and have a lovely day! βœ¨πŸ™β˜€οΈ


      • My pleasure. They are awesome tips and simple to implement. I put reminders on my phone on how to implement some of these habits into my day or week. A reminder is definitely nice.
        Well good luck to you and implementing these more into your routine as well.
        Have a lovely day and keep well.

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