20 Cute Summer Date Ideas

The summer holidays is the perfect time of year to create some new memories with your partner. Take advantage of the longer, brighter days and use the season as your backdrop to some fun activities 🌼 Get your partner’s heart racing with these 20 cute summer date ideas:

20 Cute Summer Date Ideas for Every Couple

  1. Romantic picnic – Ditch the crowded restaurant and instead pack a homemade dinner, drinks and a blanket, and bring it down to the park. Take the opportunity to do some cloud gazing if you go during the day, or star gazing if you prefer in the evening.
  2. Start a water fight – Embrace your inner child and help each other cool off on a blazing hot day. Try a water balloon or water gun fight in the garden. Then take it up a level and unleash the hose on them.
  3. Visit the farmer’s market – Enjoy the change of scenery from the supermarket and visit your local farmer’s market for some fresh and seasonal produce. These nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables are processed with minimal harmful chemicals, and best of all, completely affordable for their value.
  4. Participate in a #readathon – Motivate each other to open books which are on your TBR list. This bonding activity can turn into a fun competition of who can read the most books, more pages in a day, etc.
  5. Spa day – Unwind with your favourite person and feel your stress and worries melt away. In addition to using the spa’s facilities, why not also book a couple’s massage to enhance your date?
  6. Go punting – Sit back, relax, and take in the stunning views as your tour guide smoothly directs the boat down the riverbank. Punting tours can last up to an hour and are perfect for picture-taking.
  7. Fruit Picking – This lovely activity encourages you to “switch off” from your devices and live in the moment, surrounded by nature and the open air. Fruits can vary from different berries (i.e. strawberries, raspberries, blueberries), bananas, apples, plums, and more.
  8. Play Tourist – No big holiday abroad planned this summer? Instead, make a day of exploring a new area in your town, or visit a different county for the weekend. Create a list of stops and shops you want to hit, including museums, galleries and landmarks.
  9. Enjoy a meal or drinks with a view – Date night hits different when you have a pleasing landscape to accompany your dinner or cocktail. Choose a nice rooftop bar or restaurant with a river view.
  10. Shop for charity – Charities, organisations, and shelters require supplies all year round. Spend some quality time with your significant other as you shop for those less fortunate than you. 
  11. Throw a casino-themed night – It’s time to put your Poker skills to the test. Instead of money, you can wager on shifting certain chores to the other person for the week or which film to next watch in the cinema, etc.
  12. Attend a festival – Plenty of festivals and celebrations take place during the summer. Slap on the sunscreen and get lost in the live music and discover a variety of food and drinks.
  13. Go to a comedy show – Get your endorphins flowing by watching well-known or up-and-coming comedians. Entry to comedy clubs are often cheaper than other forms of live entertainment.
  14. Stroll through a botanical garden – If you prefer to not get your hands dirty, then stop to smell the flowers at a nearby botanical garden. Walk hand-in-hand through the beautiful exhibitions. Perfect for snapping some photos as a keepsake or for your social media feed.
  15. Make ice lollies – This unique date idea could be a follow-up to visiting the farmer’s market as you can make a refreshing and low-calorie treat with the seasonal produce. If you’re feeling a little naughty, then add a couple of shots of Aperol, Rum, Tequila, etc. Prepare a batch prior ahead of a busy day, so you have something to look forward to when you get back home.
  16. Head to the dog park – Bring your furry friend with you on a date and watch them play and run wild with other dogs. With any luck, you could even meet some new people and their pooches.
  17. Film a video together – Record a creative vlog for the both of you to watch back and smile. Use your phone to capture the day’s events or an activity such as cooking, dancing, singing, etc.
  18. Listen to a lecture – Having a continued thirst for learning is a really attractive trait. Take a look at colleges, libraries and community centres as they frequently have lectures open to the public.
  19. Upgrade your back garden – Transform your garden together into your ideal outdoor space. For example, plant a rose bush or vegetable patch, purchase a patio set, hang some twinkly lights or a birdhouse, and more.
  20. Go to a vineyard or brewery – Either option provides the opportunity to learn something new about your favourite tipple, as well as try a wider variety of flavours. Plus if anything takes your fancy, you can bring a bottle or two home to relieve the experience.

Thank you for reading this post! ♥ Make sure to keep the romance alive this summertime with these fun date ideas. What are your plans for the summer? If you have any additional couple’s suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below! 🌼

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