She Watched…

Proudly as her husband led their son inside the classroom on his first day of school.

Both of their eyes light up at the attractive young woman greeting them at the door.

Her son cause endless mischief, causing routine parent-teacher meetings.

With a heavy heart as he smartened up his appearance every day, knowing that it wasn’t for her benefit.

The subtle looks and shy touches grow into intense stares and intimate contact. 

Her husband fall in love with another woman.

The man she irrevocably loved since college walk away, leaving behind a beautiful bouquet of flowers and his silver ring.

His new romance steadily develop into a stable and committed relationship.

Their son stand as the best man at his father’s wedding. 

Her ex-husband whisper a soft prayer to her on his wedding night.

As the new family continued to live the rest of their days in unwavering love and happiness. 

Everything unfold from above the clouds.

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