Create a Self-Care Gift Box

A self-care gift box is a collection of items that should make the owner feel good. It is the perfect gesture for anyone who needs some TLC, like a friend, a family member, or even yourself.

With the right content, a homemade kit will uplift the person and acknowledge their amazingness. This guide describes a range of affordable and thoughtful ideas you can include in a self-care package πŸ’•

Bath Bombs

Warm baths are one of the best ways to relax and pose many health benefits such as lessening stress levels, soothing aching muscles and joints, and improving sleeping routines and blood circulation. While basking in the quiet time, including a bath bomb will also enhance the activity as it consists of vibrant colours and delicious, pleasing scents.

Journal and/or Colouring Books and Pens

Journalling encourages mindfulness and to remain present while keeping perspective. It is therapeutic for releasing your thoughts and emotions which, in turn, helps reduce stress and tension. Furthermore, it provides a greater sense of confidence and self-identity.

Alternatively, colouring books offer the same benefits as journalling and improvements on focus and motor skills, and vision too. There is a variety of patterned and themed colouring books for adults from zendoodle, geometric, nature, animal, and more.

Pens are good to have on hand whenever the recipient opens the self-care kit.

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Weighted Blanket

Sensational for extra warmth and maximum comfort. Weighted blankets are a kind addition for people with anxiety or people who are looking to have a consistent sleep throughout the night. This item is known to stimulate Deep Pressure Touch (DPT) which is a type of therapy using physical pressure to regulate the nervous system and feel calmer.

Box of Chocolate

Sometimes relishing in a little guilty pleasure is enough to momentarily raise our spirits during the hard times. Chocolate releases endorphins in our brain which boosts our moods and sensation of pleasure.

Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and minerals that have a positive impact on our health such as lowering the risk of heart disease.

Printed Photos

Print off and stash several joyous images to provide mental pick-me-ups. Pictures are a good reminder that not every day will be a bad day, and flicking through happy memories will spark feelings of nostalgia, effectively raising our spirits for a few elongated moments.

Tea Sachets

Tea is a healthy and refreshing drink with zero calories that can be enjoyed guilt-free at any time of the day or night. Furthermore, it is more hydrating and gentler on the stomach than coffee or alcohol and, not to mention, it helps strengthen our immune systems. Some well-known self-soothing tea flavours include peppermint, chamomile, lavender, and green tea.

Words of Affirmation

A little encouragement goes a long way – leave a few notes or a hand-written letter to remind the recipient that they are strong, loved, and valued. This added personal touch will replace any negative thinking and bring a smile onto their face.

Examples of powerful and positive words of affirmation to use: “You love yourself.” “You can handle anything that comes your way.” “You have the confidence and strength to succeed.” “You are radiant and full of life and love.”

Despite not having complete control of our surroundings, we can take care of our mental and physical health as they are still in our hands.

Thank you for the reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. There’s no better gesture of showing support to your loved ones (or yourself) than by creating a self-care gift box ❀ What would you include in your self-care kit?


44 thoughts on “Create a Self-Care Gift Box

    • Hi Twooni! Lovely to meet you 😊 Thank you for reading this post and sharing your additions! πŸ’• I really like your ideas and would definitely include them all in a self-care box. I am partial to a glass of red wine πŸ˜‹ Hope you are well and have a great week!

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  1. This is lovely. I might even be brave enough to make one for myself first! “Acknowledge their amazingness.” great phrase! Thanks for the idea πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Liz! πŸ€— Thank you for your comment and I hope you are well ❀ Yes, I highly encourage that you create a self care box for yourself!! It is fun to make and it is a nice pick-me-up after a tough day. I like that phrase too as it is centred on being uplifting of others πŸ™πŸ’•

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  2. These are some fab ideas! I like the range for all budgets and preferences. The weighted blanket is something I’ve long since been curious about but never tried. A self-care gift box is a wonderful idea for a friend, loved one or even yourself.

    I hope the week ahead is kind to you lovely!

    Caz xx

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    • Hi Caz! πŸ’—

      Thank you for reading – I’m thrilled that you like the range of budgets and items suggested in this post 😊 A weighted blanket is really comforting and would recommend it if you’re curious.

      I only recently discovered self-care boxes and it is certainly a thoughtful gift for yourself or a friend or loved one ❀

      I hope you have a great week yourself, dear friend.



  3. What about a self-care package for yourself as well? It might be good to make one, stow it away for a rainy day so to speak.You might even forget about it, even better when you find it! I think all those items you mentioned would be beneficial indeed. I might include rosemary essential oil for the bath, an old CD of shared memories, and definitely a blank memo pad or small notebook. A notebook/memo pad is so beneficial for connecting with one’s consciousness throughout the day, more convenient and instantaneous than a journal, and doesn”t draw attention like a journal would. They are not as personal either, so if someone did happen to find and read it, it wouldn”t be the end of the world. A memo pad is essential for me, as I capture my ideas that come throughout the day with one. I also have some scattered around the house in case I can”t find one. They make for good casual reading later on once full as well! I like the coloring idea, how about a sketch pad? Art can be very therapeutic… maybe a gift certificate for a massage? I love this post, thanks for sharing your ideas.

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    • Hi Perry! πŸ˜„

      Yes, I would definitely recommend making a self-care package for yourself. It is important to take steps in taking care of yourself and finding things which will make you feel good. And as you describe, it is even better when it is temporarily forgotten about because when you find the box, it’ll be a bonus!

      Thank you for sharing your ideas πŸ’• they’re all wonderful. I love the essential oil and an old CD of shared memories for heightening the senses, as well as a small notebook/memo pad as an alternative to a journal and I agree and understand your reasons. A sketch pad is another great idea – some people prefer to release their thoughts/emotions through art. Ooooh, a gift certificate for a massage!? Yes!

      I am so thrilled and honoured that you like this post and offered more ideas which will benefit others πŸ€— I appreciate it.

      Hope you are well and have a great week ahead, and enjoy crafting your own self-care box!

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    • Thank you for reading this post and your lovely comment, Cindy 😊 I’m happy to hear that you like this idea for a friend! I’m believe that your friend will appreciate the gift box and the thought you have put into making it (it’ll certainly be worth it). I hope you have fun creating it, and maybe one day, you’ll make one for yourself too β™‘ Have a lovely day!

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    • Hi Melissa! Thank you for reading this post and your comment πŸ’• I’m happy to hear that you like these ideas! 😊 If you choose to create your own self-care box, I hope it proves to be helpful ✨


  4. Care packages are wonderful! My friends and I regularly send each other little boxes filled with details that we think the other one would enjoy. Just imagining that the other person has put effort and thought into it, makes me feel so special and valued. Thanks for sharing these ideas. I might look into those blankets. πŸ˜‰

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    • That’s such a thoughtful and wonderful act between you and your friends πŸ’— made me happy to read! I would be so excited to build and receive a care package every now and again – show how much you love your friends. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it πŸ€— I hope you enjoy trying out the heated blankets! ✨

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    • Hi Ronnie πŸ˜„ Thank you for reading this post and I’m glad to hear that you like these recommendations. I hope your self care package serves you well, helping you to feel relaxed and smile during these hard times πŸ’—βœ¨


  5. Chocolate is wonderful, but it would be good to research the supply chain of the chocolate you choose to make sure you are not supporting child slave labor when you purchase. I got a couple of boxes of a brand I know exploits kids from my violin students. They do not relax me!

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    • Honestly I did not think of that, but absolutely, I wholly agree with you that research is important and to ensure that you are not unknowingly supporting child slave labour. It will give you peace of mind and make you feel happier to have the chocolate. Thank you for reading this post and for sharing your thoughts, Lorna β™₯ I hope you are well!


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