At-Home Self Care Ideas (Part 3) plus FREE Self Care Checklist

Happy 2023, lovelies! 🥳 To kick off the new year, I am thrilled to share the last instalment of At-Home Self Care Ideas. However, this should not mean the end of your self care journey, as I have created a special checklist with more mindful activities.

Let’s spend the next 365 days finding more comfort and joy in ourselves 💗✨

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Self-Care Ideas to Practice At Home

1. Write a letter to someone who means a lot to you

Video calls and text messages are fantastic for keeping in touch with family and friends, but a handwritten letter exhibits another type of sentiment. This great therapeutic activity will bring joy to yourself and the recipient. So, why not spare a few minutes and put pen to paper to check in on a loved one or let them know you’re thinking of them?

2. Reflect on your day

Leaving some time for reflection encourages you to recognise your daily highlights. Especially when dealing with struggles, it is important to find one shining positive to lift our spirits. You can add this practice to your nighttime routine and write your thoughts in a journal.

3. Watch the sunrise or sunset

With this form of meditation, you will feel your stress melt and your mind become clearer for a few minutes. Research shows that watching a sunrise or sunset has many psychological effects, such as boosting our well-being and enhancing life satisfaction. Many people find this a romantic and inspirational hobby as it allows them to focus on the earth’s natural beauty.

4. Finish your shower with a blast of cold water

Before jumping out of the shower in the morning, brave washing in cold water for 20-30 seconds. There will be a jolt to your system, which leads to increased levels of alertness and energy and feelings of optimism (with the release of endorphins).

Other tremendous health benefits of cold showers include reducing inflammation and body pain and boosting metabolism.

5. Start a blog

If you would like a creative outlet to share your beliefs, ideas, and passions, then consider starting your own blog. Your words or experience could end up making a difference in someone else’s life. In addition, blogging helps improve your confidence, as well as writing and tech skills, and best of all, you will be embraced into a supportive and kind community.

FREE Self Care Checklist

THANK YOU for your unwavering support! As a small token of my appreciation, I have created a self-care checklist with over 25+ activities to help you continue your wellness journey ❤

I went through some distress last year, and several of these deeds helped me get through it and remain balanced. So, I would like to share them with you to enhance your self-esteem and help better your physical and emotional health.

Click on free printable to preview and download.

Thank you for following this At-Home Self Care series and I hope the checklist adds value to your life.

Cheers to a new year, new beginnings, and more blessed experiences! 🎊 Feel free to share how you unwind in the comment section below.

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