The Perfect Lie-In

On a rare yet pleasing occurrence, the bright sunlight peeking through the curtains had woken him from his slumber, ten minutes before his alarm is due to set off. Rationally, he knew that he should take the extra time as an opportunity to start his day earlier, but instead, he chose to stay in bed longer with the woman beside him.

Every inch of his body called out to her and before he realised it, one of his muscular arms was laid comfortably over the curve of her waist as he admired his beautiful girlfriend, gently pulling her closer.

Her tan face was visually relaxed with her lips slightly parted and her long eyelashes fluttered every few seconds, showing that she was currently dreaming. Her steady breathing lightly touched his face and her smaller, delicate hands clutched the top of the duvet under her chin, obviously quite chilly from the winter air. He tucked the material around her form to contain the heat and keep her warm, causing her to snuggle deeper into the bed.

Despite being together for a few years, he still couldn’t truly believe his luck that he found his soulmate. Let alone that he gets to wake up to her every day.

Unable to help himself, he placed a soft kiss on her cheek and watched as she slowly opened revealing her brown eyes. A tired smile graced her face, and he felt his heart beat a little faster.

Right then and there, he vowed to spend more mornings like this in the future.

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33 thoughts on “The Perfect Lie-In

    • Hi Liz! πŸ’• I hope you are well and having a lovely week πŸ€— Thank you for reading this piece of writing and your incredibly generous comment. I am honoured that you liked it πŸ™ You have made my day! xxx


    • So sorry to disappoint! πŸ˜… I do like the sound of a twisted ending – I can actually envision it! Honestly, you’re sparking another idea, Lorna πŸ˜‹ Thank you for reading this flash fiction πŸ’— Hope you are well and having a lovely week!

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    • Hi clcouch123! πŸ’• Hope you are well and that you’ve been having a good summer! I’m so happy that you liked this flash fiction, thank you for reading it πŸ€— morning’s like these are like a dream! ✨


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